1. Structured Cabling System (SCS)
  2. Telecom Services
  3. Background music System
  4. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) System
  5. Access Control System (ACS)
  6. IPTV Systems
  7. AV System
  8. Digital Signage System
    More detail of specific equipment types and configurations will be determined in the design stage. To accommodate the increasing requirements for the integration of the various ELV systems, the ultimate goal is to provide a fully converged network for the transportation of the various data streams. The final network configurations will be determined following discussions with the Developer and Operator. Network separation can be achieved by using discreet Data Communications Equipment within the network or using Virtual LAN


Hotel BOH & FOH Applications Solutions


  1. Property Management System
  2. Point of Sales System   
  3. Finance and Accounting System
  4. Purchasing and Inventory Control System
  5. Call Accounting Systems
  6. Electronic Door Lock System
  7. Sales and Catering System
  8. Human Resource Management System
  9. Guest Services Request System
  10. Central Reservation System
  11. Customer Relation Management 
  12. Revenue Management System 
  13. Budgeting and Planning System
  14. Performance Benchmarking
  15. Online Channel Management System
  16. Rate Intelligence System
  17. Background Music System
  18. HSIA Gateway
  19. Interactive TV (Middleware)
  20. Operating Systems
  21. Office & Email Applications
  22. IT Security Solutions
  23. Backup System
  24. Computer Hardware
  25. Passport Scanner


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Infrastructure and Server Hardware Solutions



It is essential to plan the server provision cautiously as part of your wider infrastructure strategy. Hospitality Nepal team approach to the server and storage design is constructed on:


  • Performance where the latest state-of-the-art processors will deliver support for the virtualised server infrastructure
  • Flexibility that would allow servers to be deployed for any task or application
  • Scalability where additional physical or virtual servers can be added with the minimum disruption to the production system
  • Resilience where the collection of virtual servers are automatically migrated from one physical server or storage array to another in case of hardware failure without users being aware of any downtime
  • Manageability where a central management system allows the IT staff control of any servers in the infrastructure
  • Ease of Use where all servers are based on a familiar interface
  • Resilient Storage Array where more than one storage array is connected into the network
  • High Performance where servers and storage are interconnected
  • Business Continuity where data on the network is continuously being replicated between the various physical storage arrays

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